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Health Mission

Our mission is to bring health to Indonesians at all stages of their life. With our customer’s best interest at heart, we always go the extra mile to produce the best quality products to uphold the high ethical standards.

Dual project

We believe success is not just about business results, but also contribution to social progress. Danone’s dual project, combining commitment to business with concern for people and planet, has been the foundation of our way in doing business.

Empowering Leaders

We are a leader where you can lead. You will take charge of your career path through the full support from our leaders. Together, we will identify your professional as well as personal goals and design program to achieve them.

Inclusive Diversity

We believe that strength lies in differences. You are special and deserve respect for your own unique talents. Danone upholds a culture of fostering collective impact and teamwork through inclusive diversity.

We’re a company dedicated wholly to achieving health through food. And not only that: we want our mission benefit people of every age, in every social and cultural environment and in every part of the world – as many people as possible. Globally, we are present in over 130 markets, the company generated more than half of it’s sales in emerging countries.

Danone in Indonesia is represented by three business categories including Waters, Early Life Nutrition, and Advanced Medical Nutrition. With brands such as Aqua, Mizone, Bebelac, Nutrilon, and SGM, we empower more than 15,000 employees, located in more than 1.5 million outlets as well as offices and 23 factories nationwide. Through it’s dual commitment to business success and social progress, we aim to build a healthier future for Indonesia.



Dear future leader, you are special in your own unique talents. With us, you’ll be highly welcomed to bring in your ideas and take initiative. Your desire to innovate and experiment will always be encouraged. Based on your own aspirations, you will shape your career path by alternating between the various functions, contexts, and cultures.

Are you ready to design your most meaningful journey with us?

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2017-08-03_191323Join our mission in bringing health through food to Indonesians at all stages of their lives. Danone provides a culture where anyone can bring ideas to tackle industry challenges both at local and global levels. With talent diversity and development as our value for success, you will be appreciated for your unique qualities through open leadership and continuous development.

Are you ready to make a difference with us?

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